My Gypsy Soul Mate

Last week in Seattle I experienced a moment of revelation at the top of the Space Needle: my husband is my gypsy soul mate. When we embarked on this trip to Seattle, a place we’ve been approximately a dozen times in the last four years, we knew we were interested in trying something new. We’d […]

French Lick Indiana / West Baden Springs Hotel

They say there’s more than corn in Indiana. Often that’s said in reference to Indiana Beach. Not everyone is a beach bum though. And if you’re traveling to or through the flyover state of Indiana, looking for something to do other than play ball (Go Hoosiers!) or chill at the beach, French Lick and the West Baden Springs […]

Where Intercourse Lies

When we told our friends we were going to Pennsylvania for vacation, they all had one question for us: “Do you have family there?” And when we told our family members we were taking the kids to Pennsylvania for vacation, they all had another question: “Why?” As always, our answers consisted of: No and why […]