Vending Machines & Rest Stops

road trip

There’s nothing like slapping together a few plans and details to get a good road trip together. You get your bags packed, invite someone along to explore with you, and hit the open road. Everything is going well, assuming you haven’t missed your train or had a flat tire. Basically, you’re not on vacation with […]

My Gypsy Soul Mate

Last week in Seattle I experienced a moment of revelation at the top of the Space Needle: my husband is my gypsy soul mate. When we embarked on this trip to Seattle, a place we’ve been approximately a dozen times in the last four years, we knew we were interested in trying something new. We’d […]

Carry On Folks, Carry On

San Francisco Sea Lions

Travel much? Of course you do or you wouldn’t be reading this. Unless you just traipse on over to see where I’ve traveled to in the recent weeks so that you can turn green with envy. Whatever the case, I have a question for you. Because whether you’ve taken a stay cation to somewhere nearby […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane

travel, mountains

There’s nothing like taking a trip down memory lane. Reflecting on fond memories, spending time together, and generally having a good time. Unless your version of memory lane is less than thrilling, that is. And who hasn’t experienced life’s not-so-pleasant moments? So today, since it’s still winter and I’m ready for spring, to put hope […]