Carry On Folks, Carry On

San Francisco Sea Lions

Travel much? Of course you do or you wouldn’t be reading this. Unless you just traipse on over to see where I’ve traveled to in the recent weeks so that you can turn green with envy. Whatever the case, I have a question for you. Because whether you’ve taken a stay cation to somewhere nearby […]

the art of miniature golf & travel traditions

I imagine every family has at least one traveling tradition. And why wouldn’t they? Traditions can be tons of fun. Traveling is super fun. So, putting the two together just make sense. One of our family traditions dates back to hubby’s and my honeymoon. We’re quite the gypsy couple and wound up in exotic Tennessee […]

French Lick Indiana / West Baden Springs Hotel

They say there’s more than corn in Indiana. Often that’s said in reference to Indiana Beach. Not everyone is a beach bum though. And if you’re traveling to or through the flyover state of Indiana, looking for something to do other than play ball (Go Hoosiers!) or chill at the beach, French Lick and the West Baden Springs […]