There is nothing like getting into the car, turning on the stereo and driving. As far as the road can take you. Winding roads, steep hills, beach views or mountain scenery. Even the flat lands of Kansas can spark the awe of the traveler…assuming you’ve got just the right amount of music blaring and you squint. A lot.

In today’s society we’re all about instant gratification. If we don’t get what we want now it isn’t soon enough. But I’d like to slow things down. Let’s go back to the time when life moved at a slower pace. Back to when the journey of going somewhere was sweeter even than the actual destination. To a time when families packed into the station wagon, rolled down the windows and drove across this beautiful country just because..

I’m a believer in the journey. That the process of getting somewhere, the experience of the travel, is just as great as the destination itself (if not more so). Whether the journey is physical, metaphorical or something deeper. Something within an individual that allows for growth. As a Behavioral Health clinician and an avid traveler, I’ve taken both kinds of journeys and helped others explore on their own. Whether you’re reading these blog posts to vicariously travel or get ideas for a family trip of your own or just looking for this inconspicuous opportunities to grow yourself, I encourage you to sit back, relax, and take a trip with me…


You can also find me at where the journey contains more literary content with a focus on the journey that lies within…



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