Portland Garage Doors

So I’m hanging out in Portland. Beaver-something to be exact. For no particular reason except we wanted to get a way for a few day, there was a play to see, and I needed to get my hair done. And why not Portland? It’s fun. Good theatre. Stumbling into the Powell’s Bookstore was an exquisite […]

Tundra Oasis

A lot has been happening these days which has resulted in far fewer blog posts than I had planned on writing during the latter part of 2015. I won’t bore you with the details. I will however introduce you to the completion of one of our latest projects around here: our guest house vacation rental. […]

Mode of Transportation

A recent conversation in our household has been that of the type of vehicle we’ll be taking on an upcoming road trip. We love road trips. There’s something about getting into the car and settling in with your travel blanket and pillow, turning up the music loud enough to enjoy, and driving to a special […]

Traveling with Omar

Preparation for this year’s family vacation has been tricky. Getting a puppy will complicate what has historically been a simple process. Before: choose a rental house (using our tried & true system: check dates, check price, then look at (aka: drool over) pictures of potential rental house). Pay the deposit on the rental house (usually […]

Vending Machines & Rest Stops

road trip

There’s nothing like slapping together a few plans and details to get a good road trip together. You get your bags packed, invite someone along to explore with you, and hit the open road. Everything is going well, assuming you haven’t missed your train or had a flat tire. Basically, you’re not on vacation with […]

My Gypsy Soul Mate

Last week in Seattle I experienced a moment of revelation at the top of the Space Needle: my husband is my gypsy soul mate. When we embarked on this trip to Seattle, a place we’ve been approximately a dozen times in the last four years, we knew we were interested in trying something new. We’d […]