Soaring Alone in Las Vegas

I know I haven’t been around much, but I took a recent trip to Vegas and can’t wait to tell you all about it!

So, I had originally decided to take a vacation day on March 14th in my own version of rebellion against Daylight Savings Time. I was all set for a quiet day at home alone with my laptop when my incredible husband decided to take things up a notch.

His idea? To take my one day off work and turn it into a long weekend in Las Vegas.

It took me about ten minutes to get on board with the idea as I finagled things to get time off work. And once that was done, I started counting down the days to the trip. I also decided who better to take to Vegas than Rachel James from my debut novel Soaring Alone!

We stayed at the Luxor Hotel. This place has mixed reviews, but if you go during the week, the prices are super cheap! The food was good, the shops and restaurants weren’t bad, and the room was spacious and comfortable.

My one complaint? The Luxor is not pet friendly. I was incredibly bummed out that I couldn’t take my puppy Omar with me.


Omar the Giant Puppy

And the hotel’s claim to be “service animal friendly”?…Well, I have my doubts. The dogs I did see there were designer dogs that didn’t appear to be providing any kind of service other than being cute.

Anyway, once Rachel overcame her incredible shyness, we went everywhere together.

Out for breakfast at the Pyramid Café on the main floor of the Luxor was our first stop. Can you see how tired I am? The coffee and the great breakfast helped get me going though.

soaring alone.jpg

Later we wandered out toward the pool. The sunshine was incredible.

I had high hopes that Rachel and her story would be good luck when we hung out at the slot machines, but no chance.

Strolling along the Strip was fun and interesting. We made sure to stop at the M&M store where I bought a sarcastic red cup…that was completely busted by the time we made it home. I was totally bummed out about that. I love coffee cups and this one would have been a great addition to my collection.

coffee mug

I’m super lucky to have a great writer friend over at Coffee & A Keyboard who offered to stop by her local M&M store to pick me up a new one & ship it all the way out here.

Don’t you just LOVE friends who totally get you? 

The David Copperfield show was a big hit for our family –despite the negative reviews that people gave him. Have you ever been? How many stars would you give David Copperfield?


We had time for some silly poses-IMG_3377

a walk through the Castle building-IMG_3341

and I even found an apartment that is just like the one where Lester lives in the novel I’m working on now. –Minus the dessert backdrop and that weird red sticker that was on the window of the rental car. Unfortunately that photo got lost in my recent phone upgrade. Oh the pains when technology fails us…

So, if you’re ready for a break or just want to take a few days off for no reason whatsoever, head out to Las Vegas and soak up some sun. And then come back and tell me all about it!


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