My House is a Beach House

There’s a beach house with my name on it.

Okay, so I don’t own the beach house, but the reservation is in my name and that counts for something.

Not everyone likes the beach or so my sister tells me. To tell you the truth, that’s not something I understand. How can a person not like the beach?

Me: There’s miles of white sand.

My sister: [Sand] that gets into places it shouldn’t be.

Me: What about the water and the waves?

My sister: What about the sharks and the jellyfish?

Me: We rented a house with pool access. That’s access to two pools…you know, for those of you who aren’t ocean lovers that want to visit us there.

My sister: Fine. Whatever.

What kind of house has your name on it? Are you a beach lover? If so, we can totally be friends. Or do you prefer a quiet escape to the mountains? Maybe you prefer the lake? Almost like the ocean, but not as cool. A ski lodge? Or a fancy resort? Perhaps you’re one of those tent campers who like to rough it and call it a vacation? We’ve done that too…no judgment here.

When the PTO is in the black and you get a travel itch…where do you make your reservation at?


4 thoughts on “My House is a Beach House

  1. My husband is a beach lover, and I’ve grown to enjoy it. I suspect I’ll enjoy it more when I can relax and not have to worry about small children being sucked out in a riptide or wandering off down the beach.

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