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When you travel as often as we do with a variety of children and pets, it pays to be creative. Which is exactly what did. –The creative part. I have no idea if the founders ever traveled with their children and pets.

A week ago, we took a quick trip to town for a couple days in honor of the youngest boy’s graduation from the academy. He’d been gone for five long months and we were excited to see him. There was only one glitch. –Traveling in Anchorage at this time of year means hotel prices are astronomical. And, since we never miss an opportunity to get something done in town that we can’t do at home, we were also traveling with Omar whom we scheduled for a veterinarian appointment. The only question: how were we ever going to find a hotel that wasn’t going to charge more than we wanted to spend?


For years I’ve been a loyal customer to (aka: I have their app on my smart phone. We’ve stayed in homes listed on their websites in Pennsylvania, San Francisco, Orlando, Colorado, and Las Vegas. Never have we had a bad experience. An odd one in Pennsylvania, but not a bad experience.

So why choose a new site for traveling? I don’t know. Because hubby was the one planning this trip? Because he’s a fan of branching out and exploring with new ideas and new companies? Sounds about right. I’m the kind of person who is so loyal to a company that I get to know the place and the staff working there. I’m the reason we’ve never tried Princess Cruise Lines.

Hubby: Why don’t we try a cruise on Princess next year?

Me: And cheat on Carnival Cruises where I’m already a gold member? I don’t think so.

This time I caved with only mild resistance to trying a new company. I’ve been busy with school work, so going through all the trouble of finding a place wasn’t high on my list of priorities. Though I’ve got to say, hubby found this mansion bed-n-breakfast that you can stay at in Minneapolis using the and when I saw the pictures…well, let me tell you –I’m determined to bank some more PTO so that we can go and stay there. It looks amazing!

There were no mansions in our budget for this weekend in Anchorage, but we did find a cozy little condo for a steal. Pet friendly, close to the airport, and it had enough room for our son and daughter. You can’t go wrong there. The house was a bit dated and more cramped than this introvert traveler prefers, but we did have a giant sized dog crate in the living room for Omar, which did add to the desire for more space.

Overall –it was a great find and while will always be my first love when it comes to finding a vacation rental, we’ll use again. Especially if it means I get to stay in a mansion someday.

And have you heard how they got started? If not, you can read about it here. Genius. Epic. Revolutionary. How can you not try them out at least once?


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