Where Hawaiians Vacation

As summer starts to slip away like grains of sand in an hourglass, my mind is on travel. And not only a long weekend. No. Give me two weeks of the unencumbered view of the ocean. Let me feel the sand crunch under my feet, the waves lapping against my legs.

Am I even close to such bliss? No. I’m less than two weeks out from a solo trip to an on campus residency. My ultimate beach bliss: a long two months plus away. The latter is on my mind more than most things these days, I’ll admit.

Today it’s a short jaunt into town. A miniscule one. More of a bus ride if you will as we go to collect our youngest boy for a weekend visit home. He could make the commute alone, but we haven’t seen him in three months and we have nothing else to do this morning.

While we wait in the terminal on a delayed flight to show up, I’m reminded of the recent news that an acquaintance is planning to relocate soon. To Hawaii.

Occasionally, despite our teenage daughter’s adamancy that we will NOT be moving anywhere until she’s graduated and grown my mind wanders…to possibility. To freedom from the rules our children impose upon us. To what it would be like to live in Hawaii.  Truth be told, any beach location fits into this daydream, but I settle more into the fantasy when Maui memories surface.

And when I get into this mode, there are only two questions that come to mind:

  1. When will that be us? Answer: Not for at least two more years (shouted by my daughter).
  2. When one lives in Hawaii (more specifically Maui) where does one vacation to?

Because if you think about it, I may really need the answer to this riddle in approximately seven hundred and thirty days…give or take a few. And since time has a way of moving by quickly, I need to ponder this with as much research as a master’s level thesis.

So…where does one go?

Not to the beach, I would assume. You already live there. The view is your morning and your evening. It might even be where you enjoy a peaceful (albeit sand filled) tuna sandwich picnic most days of the week.

Which means I’ve got to come up with some alternatives or I’m likely to become a stay-cationer in a couple of years. –I should mention that I joined a colleague in turning up my nose at the thought of a stay-cation last week. I couldn’t help it. It’s summer and I’m due for a trip. I’m also a bit of a vacation diva.

Back to the quest though- vacation destinations for the recently relocated Hawaiian:

  1. Boise Idaho or Coeur d’Alene Idaho. All those sun drenched mornings in Maui, waking up to the sweet (though slightly burned) smell of sugar cane might result in a serious craving…for potatoes. Maybe?
  2. Madison Wisconsin. Why wouldn’t I develop an interest in visiting a state known primarily for its cheese and dairy production? I like cows. Besides, I’m used to wandering farm animals –Maui is known for the wild chickens that greet people at the airport. NOTE: Those chickens do not greet you with leis to put around your neck. Just so you know.
  3. Boston Massachusetts. The historical piece really is a draw for me.
  4. Tennessee –Someday I really want to visit Nashville. I think I could really enjoy the country music scene. I’ve also always wanted to go line dancing. I have a pair of really great boots for such an evening.
So stylish...

So stylish…

5. Rhode Island. Honestly, I know nothing about the state, yet I’m intrigued by it. It’s rather tiny and unassuming. A place that small seems it would possess something great. I’d like to think Rhode Island is like a small gift wrapped box –the kind fit for something incredible…like diamonds.


For now, those places are vacation possibilities should I end up relocated to the great state of Hawaii. In the meantime, I’ll go to school and count down to the days of my next beach vacation.


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