Where will your travels take you?

The travel bug is a funny little guy. He shows up whenever he feels like it, can easily take you on the ride of your life, and sometimes, he takes you to unusual places. Just for the sport of it.

Last night I finished reading Savannah Grace’s memoir I Grew My Boobs in China.

Great title isn’t it? It’s her first in a series of books about how following her parents’ divorce when she was only fourteen years old, Savannah’s mother decided a trip abroad was just what the doctor ordered. So, she packed up Savannah (her youngest), and two of her three other children (the third was overseas serving in the military) and went.

Their accommodations throughout the first leg of their journey were rather…un-resort-like. Dusty roads, extreme culture shock, and more mutton than Savannah cared to eat. Their sleeping arrangements, modes of travel, and toilet facilities were not my kind of style. Frankly, I grew my boobs in Kansas City. Metaphorically speaking.

After I finished the last page of the book and leaving a friendly review on Amazon (where all readers should leave a little lovin’ for the books they read), I puttered around until hubby got home from work. When he graced the front door entrance, we had coffee and a piece of pie. And that’s when he shared his news:

He’d been introduced to a new place to travel. Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

My first question: “Idaho? Isn’t that where they grow potatoes?”

He nodded. “It’s a resort town. Some guys at work told me about it.”

As he hurried to grab the iPad to show me some pictures and share this wealth of information he’d gathered, I was already intrigued.

I have an interest in resort towns. Artsy places where you can get the lay of the land by walking the culture filled sidewalks and eating at local establishments. Especially if those local establishments have seafood. Though I’m a fan of potatoes too.

According to hubby, a couple of guys he works with grew up in that area or lived near there for a time as adults. I can’t really remember. But they moved away because the area became a bit of a tourist’s trap.

Even better.

See, I’m not the kind of woman that wants to experience rugged, backpacking across Europe, kind of travel. I have nothing against those who do. In fact, I admire them a great deal. But I already have boobs. I don’t need to grow them in China. Or anywhere else that consists of a hole in the ground for the toilet.

Come to think of it, I grew my boobs on the campgrounds of my youth when my parents’ idea of a vacation meant either camping for a week or two at a time (My mother insisted on some notion of toilet facilities whenever we went. Bless her heart.) or traveling to the inner city of “de Region.” The latter was not your average vacation destination. Or a pleasant one, come to think of it. I’ll be sure to blog about that later.

I’d dare even say I’m not a “real traveler.” I’m a vacationer.

I like resorts with spas, fine dining, and five star hotels. Or a vacation rental home with pool access, wi-fi, and a Jacuzzi tub. I don’t want to eat mutton when I travel, nor do I want to eat at a restaurant where my food is served on a paper plate or in those red baskets with a mere piece of wax paper to catch the grease.

Perhaps the phrase vacationing diva suits me best.


So when hubby was going on about vacationing in Idaho, I was a little leery.

Until I saw the pictures and perused the website a bit. And I saw that food was in fact served on beautiful dishes, not the least bit paper or red basket-ish. Then I saw the advertisement for spa facilities.

Say no more. I was ready to pack my bags and go.

We decided Coeur d’Alene, Idaho will be one of our new adventure travel spots. Though due to grad school and all PTO secured for use through early fall, we won’t be going this year. Oh the woes of not being able to travel six months out of the year.

When we do go, we’ll likely get the questions about “why Idaho” or “do you have family there.” And our standard responses will be: “why not” and “no.” Although we do have family in one of the “I” states, Idaho isn’t one of them. That we’re aware of.

How do your travels define you? Are you a vacation diva? Or a rugged traveler? And for women everywhere reading this….where did you grow your boobs?


3 thoughts on “Where will your travels take you?

  1. My husband used to live in Idaho and he says it’s incredibly beautiful. Maybe I’ll add this place to my list. I’m also a vacationer. Lol.

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