Top Ten Things I Hate About Traveling

For as much as I love to travel, it’s hard to believe there are things I hate about it. Yet somehow, I’ve managed to find a few. Here goes:

1. The ache in my shoulder from carrying my luggage through endless airports. Why do I insist on packing so many things and then NOT checking my bag?


Have I packed….EVERYTHING?

2. When a place I’m used to going to is replaced by something I didn’t know was coming. This happened in the Anchorage airport recently. Why would you get rid of a perfectly good Quiznos and replace it with some other sandwich shop? Why? And then not give me a heads up about it? Wrong.

3. Losing things and/or forgetting them on the plane. If you live in Orlando, FL and come across my engagement ring, please let me know. I’d really like it back. And really do check the seat pocket in front of you for personal items. What doesn’t get claimed by the owners does get sold at the annual employee auction. Kindle, anyone? Noise canceling headphones?

4. Forgetting my travel blanket and pillow. Because there are not many things more unpleasant than using the window of a plane (or the shoulder of a stranger) as a pillow. And don’t get me started on shivering every minute of a four hour plane right because I forgot my blanket and my seat buddy has the air turned on. Yes, I know I married him, but it’s not like he had “I travel with the air on high” in his personal ad.

travel blanket

I need my blanket!

5. Gate changes. With my lack of sense of direction, it’s a wonder I’ve even made it to the airport. Don’t mess with my self confidence or my trip by switching up the gate at the last minute. Especially if you’re going to make me board at the N gate in the SEA-TAC airport. The ten things I hate about the N gate at SEA-TAC could easily be a blog in and of itself.

airport gate changes

Let me sit right here. Please, don’t make me run to the N-gate!

6. Stressing about losing and/or forgetting my ID. And the IDs of my children. And their friends who are traveling with us. If you’re ever lucky (brave) enough to travel with our family, don’t be surprised or bothered if (when) I snatch up your passport for safe keeping. Because the thought of one of my kids being denied boarding in a foreign country freaks me out. I also promise to guard your ID with my life…Trust me on this one.

passport travel

I’ll hold that for you. Wouldn’t want you to lose it.

7. Listening to parents scream at their kids. I’d rather listen to the kid scream. Just an FYI: your kids are tired and hungry too. They don’t like being crammed into a car or a bus or a plane or a boat for sixteen hours to go on a trip you decided to take. Cut them some slack, please. Buy tjem a toy, let them nap on the floor, get them a snack, empathize with them for goodness sake. And please, if you must rush to the gate to meet the plane (this is for all you folks get get out at the C-gate and have to marathon run to the N-gate in SEA-TAC), carry your kid or plan an eight hour layover or something. Don’t run at breakneck speed to get there while yelling at your kid to keep up. Not cool.

kids screaming, parenting



Parents to kids: Don’t make me come over there!

8. When souvenir shops don’t have the item I want in my size or the color that best fits my skin tone. Didn’t you get the memo I was coming? I need that scarf, dress, t-shirt, tote bag, hoodie. Seriously…I do.


I must buy…everything in this shop.

9. Missing that perfect photo opportunity because I don’t want to look like a tourist. I realize this is my own issue. I’m working on it. The first step in overcoming a problem is admitting you have one. “Hi. I’m Vickie and I’m a tourist.” All in unison, respond: “Hi Vickie.” (while waving).

Tourist photos

Is this look too touristy?

10. Having to choose one destination when I want to go EVERYWHERE! Why must I only choose one? Why can’t I have 47.5 weeks of PTO and only 4.5 weeks of work so that I can spend my life traveling…to all the places?

traveling choices

How can I choose when I want to go to…ALL THE PLACES?

And there you have it. Ten things I hate about traveling. Maybe not hate, but things I dislike. Pet peeves, if you will. Who am I kidding? These are obviously things I get some kind of sick thrill out of or I wouldn’t keep traveling. Did I mention #10 is what the pre-trip, trip, and post-trip were born from? Have I shared that with you yet? *makes mental note to do so shortly.*

What are your traveling pet peeves?


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