French Lick Indiana / West Baden Springs Hotel

They say there’s more than corn in Indiana. Often that’s said in reference to Indiana Beach. Not everyone is a beach bum though. And if you’re traveling to or through the flyover state of Indiana, looking for something to do other than play ball (Go Hoosiers!) or chill at the beach, French Lick and the West Baden Springs Hotel & Resort might be right up your alley.flick6

It’s an historical landmark, owned by the COOK Group, Inc. COOK is headquartered out of Bloomington, Indiana where they manufacture medical equipment. The family who founded COOK bought the French Lick Springs Hotel in 2005 and closed it for the duration of a several million dollar renovation in which they managed to update the hotel amenities while keeping the historic feel of the buildings and grounds.


In the early 1900s, big things happened in French Lick. Tomato juice was first served at the hotel in 1917. When you’re a world famous chef who runs out of orange juice, what else can you do? Franklin D. Roosevelt announced his plan to run for presidency at the Democratic National Committee.

Don’t let your political affiliation stop you from enjoying a relaxing night’s stay at the West Baden Hotel. Once there, you can enjoy all sorts of delicious vacation style pampering. Sure, you’re not in a bustling city, but isn’t relaxation part of the draw to getting away from the everyday hustle? If it’s not, consider this: not taking a vacation is bad for your health.


It’s true. Studies have shown it. And what’s more relaxing than going to the spa? Or a few rounds of golf? How about traveling to French Lick via a luxury passenger train? Maybe even trying your hand at the casino? Responsibly, of course.

In French Lick, Indiana, there is more than corn growing there. You can find your way into a state of relaxation and rejuvenation at the West Baden Hotel. Just tell your boss you’re heading out to see the Eighth Wonder of the World. Then put your laptop away, forget to charge your cell phone, and enjoy.


Rated the #1 hotel in Indiana by US News & World Report in 2013 and 2014, you can take your pick of rooms. They even have pet friendly accommodations for your furry friends and family members. The European style décor will be a lovely way to unwind, whether you come alone, with your most cherished loved one, or even if you choose to bring a crowd along for the fun.

And don’t worry. There is plenty of food to feed everyone, no matter what their taste. From room service to steak to ice cream, taste buds won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to save room for entertainment. They have concerts, KidsFest, hiking, horseback riding, swimming pools, shopping, and bike rentals. If you go, who are we kidding, when you go, please reserve a carriage ride. The French Lick Resort has some of the most beautiful horses and carriages. I should know. Several years back, hubby and I ventured out to West Baden for a lovely anniversary weekend. A word to the wise: reserve the carriage early. Way early. We didn’t realize how big a deal it would be and missed out on the opportunity. L

It’s amazing what several years and a few different owners have done to an old trading post standing beside a spring and a salt lick. You don’t want to miss out. Book your next stay at the West Baden Hotel and enjoy a little bit of quaint countryside and casino.



Have you ever ventured to the sleepy Midwest for vacation? What did you do there? Where did you go?


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