Live…Laugh…Love La Conner

Sometimes life brings about some pleasant surprises. Like when someone you know has a voucher for a free overnight stay at a little inn you’ve never heard about…and gives it to your husband. That’s how we ended up on a spontaneous getaway to La Conner, Washington. Have you been there?

I’d never even heard of the place before that weekend. The GPS hadn’t heard of the place either because as we drove along following the twists and turns of Washington roads that I didn’t know existed we ended up in a tiny little place on the road that claimed to be where the GPS said the lodge was…only it wasn’t there. I’m always up for a trip and exploring new places with the man that I love is a great way to spend a long weekend; getting lost was just par for the course.

When we finally arrived, we weren’t disappointed. La Conner is a quaint little town, an artist’s haven. In fact, artists settled the little area back in the 1940s following a decline in the logging and fishing industries at the time of the depression. It’s an historic town with many of the original buildings still in place, having been restored into cute restaurants and shops. And if you’re not into the architectural beauty of La Conner, just take a look at the landscape. The town was built on land located near the edge of the Skagit River.

La Conner is a short two hour drive from Seattle or Vancouver, B.C. And if you’re looking for a cozy place to do some shopping, this is the place to go. The Reclamation Candle Company has a splendid array of candles featuring familiar and not-so-familiar candle scents poured into vintage glassware. The Wood Merchant sells all kinds of wood products and we made sure to pick up an ornament for our Christmas tree as a keepsake. And if you don’t care for shopping, take a look at this calendar for 101+ Things to do in La Conner.

Whatever you do there, you’re sure to get in touch with your creative spirit…                  La Conner (1)


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