taking the plunge: the permanent trip part 1

Not quite the ALS ice bucket challenge, but taking a big trip can be a big deal. Especially if the trip becomes a permanent one. The kind of trip that you never imagined taking until that moment hits you like a bolt of lightening and you just do it.

You call your own bluff of never leaving the comforts of home and you go. Far. A really long distance. To places you’ve never heard of, much less ever considered going to for even a millisecond.

This indulgence can strike at any time. And it’s happened to me, so I believe it can happen to anyone. You may not see it coming, but when it does…you have to be ready.

So, I have three tips on how to be ready to take the plunge of the big trip.

Tip 1:
No one likes to admit it when they’re scared, but it happens to all of us. Whether it’s a fear of spiders or snakes or bridges or whatever. Taking the plunge of a permanent trip is a scary thing too. And tip 1 for making it through the fear is to face it.

Consider getting a box. A simple Kleenex box will do. Empty out the Kleenex if there is any it. I do encourage you keep the tissues nearby though because you just might need them.

When the box is empty, set it in the middle of the table and explain to whomever this permanent trip is going to affect that this is the fear box. It’s where they can write down any fear or worry they have about taking the plunge, write it on a slip of paper, and stuff it in the box.

Give everyone time to complete this task. And make sure you participate. You might be the person who initiated this trip, but remember, fear strikes all of us. It’s okay to be afraid.

After everyone has had time to fill the box, go on to step 2. Go out and buy a cake. It’s a proven fact that food makes us feel better and cake helps us with overcoming fears.

Finally, set everyone down around the box of fear and slice the cake. Each person will take turns pulling out a fear and the group will discuss, reassure, and otherwise comfort one another. All while eating cake.

This exercise helps break down fear silos, if you will, surrounding taking the plunge. Each individual may have different fears, but the fear itself, ties you together. It’s something you can talk about and understand. It brings you closer.

Are you or someone you love anticipating a permanent trip to an unknown place? Is the thought of this journey frightening? Face your fears; fill the fear box. Eat the cake.

Come back next week for part 2. And at the end of this 3 part series, I’ll post pictures of where my permanent trip took me.


2 thoughts on “taking the plunge: the permanent trip part 1

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