Kiss Me in Kissimmee

The tradition started in Tennessee on our honeymoon. We were in that still getting to know you, fresh from the alter, I can’t believe we just got married stage and needed something to do after all of our lounging around exploring each other’s bodies we did at the log cabin we rented. So we went to play miniature golf.

Have you ever played mini golf? I guess they also call it Putt-Putt. I’m not sure what that name is all about. When you say miniature golf at least you sound a little bit like a professional. Or someone who plays a professional golfer on TV maybe. Anyway, we set out to find a mini golf course on just about every trip we take now and the kids get all involved. This year during the whole Magic Kingdom trip was no exception.

It’s funny how this comes up. Since we don’t plan (we do!), it’s a rather random event that puts itself on our calendar as if some organized trip gods are following us around and checking things off a list. “Oh wait, they haven’t done the miniature golf thing, let’s throw it into their memory so that they won’t be irritable for forgetting later.” And then out of nowhere, I’ll be like “OMG! Let’s play miniature golf. Who wants to?” And everyone is like: “Oh yeah. We have to do that.” As if it was our idea all along and not the organized trip gods who came up with it.


And that’s how we ended up here: at Congo River Golf -Kissimmee. The place was lit up bright enough to land a plane.

photo 3 (12)

Or to feed alligators. Neither of which we did, but the latter was an option. We all corralled around and watched other folks feed the alligators though and also got a glimpse of some of really big fish (separated from the alligators, of course) and fed them some food that you could buy for 50 cents. The food came out of one of those gumball machines that are usually in the front of old department stores and the food looked like dog food. It was weird. It was even weirder how those fish ate all that food; they were like piranhas.

photo 5 (5)         photo 5 (6)

Our daughter’s friend went with us to Florida and when we started talking about the miniature golf plan, she was nervous. Apparently she’s never played miniature golf. A novice! Great, right? Wrong. I new we were in for trouble because that’s how it always goes. Bring along the kid who’s never seen a golf club and she’ll be the one who wins the game. We take our miniature golf very seriously…at least on paper. None of us are any good at it. Balls end up off course, our attempts to get that little ball into the hole (whose idea was that anyway?) are often in the double digits, and on this particular trip, it took us so long to play the course, we closed the place down.

photo 4 (8)           photo 2 (14)

We had a good time though. And how could we not? Mini golf is fun on it’s own but when you pair it with some really amazing pizza? Well, you’ve got yourself a party then.

photo 3 (11)           photo 1 (13)

The next time you’re in the Kissimmee area, you’ll want to stop by the Broadway Pizza Bar. It’s incredible. The atmosphere is great, the service is wonderful, and the pizza is amazing. We came across it on Yelp! while we were driving around, knowing we wanted to grab dinner before going to Congo River. Open since 2008, BPB gives the people what they want. Quality food, great prices, and friendly staff. They didn’t even mind when our crew came along an hour before closing time looking for dinner. And that says a lot; because a last summer we were kicked out of a doughnut shop because “We don’t have enough food for all of you” or something like that…lame.

Between great pizza and fun miniature golf adventures…just kiss me. I’ve died and gone to Heaven.


What do you like to do on vacation? Do you have traveling traditions? Share them in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them!


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