The trip no one wanted to take

This week, my travels have taken me on a new journey. One that I would have preferred not going on at all if I had any say in it. But once it began, it became a journey that I was willing to travel. I was willing to endure anything along the way as long as the journey ended well.

On Sunday, we received a call that our younger daughter (15) was in an ATV accident. She was thrown from the 4-wheeler and ended up with a fractured skull. Her journey with her two best friends a few miles from home changed when she was lifted off the ground and put into an ambulance that took her to the emergency room.

Along the way, we have encountered many things. Scary moments when she couldn’t remember anything more than our names. Moments of relief when bits and pieces came back to her and we were told her neck wasn’t broken and she wouldn’t have to be medi vac’d to the city several hundred miles away. Absolute joy when her memory was fully recovered.

Other travelers have joined us on this trip. Friends, family, and acquaintances have stopped what they’re doing to pray for us, cook for us, visit with us, and encourage us. Doctors and nurses have answered our questions, fluffed her pillows, changed her IV, and given her meds. Because even on journeys like this, motion sickness finds its way into our tummies.

The great news is this journey is getting better with each passing moment. She has no bleeding or swelling of the brain. There were no internal injuries and her memory has come back. She is expected to make a full recovery.

It hasn’t been a trip any of us wanted to take. It’s been filled with bumps and bruises. There will be detours that take her longer to getting to her destination of starting her sophomore year of high school.

But we’ve learned things along the way. We’ve learned about strength and faith and love. She’s learned how to walk with an IV and the importance of wearing a helmet and staying off those blasted machines her parents have warned her about. We’ve been reminded of how precious life and family and friends are.

And through it all, we are stronger and better because of it. God was watching over her and continues to. We are blessed.


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