The Crescent City: finally

It only took us eight years, a few plane rides, and a round trip car ride to get there. But we’d finally made it. New Orleans. The Big Easy. The Crescent City. It was bliss…fully hot. When I learned that we had the opportunity to fly into New Orleans for our pre-trip, I was thrilled. […]

Traveling: Random but Important Details

Planning. Organization. Obsessive compulsive need to have every. Single. Detail. Outlined. Call it what you want. We’re not good at it. As you may remember from this blog entry. But that’s okay, because when you don’t know how to do something, you learn, right? When you turn 18 and take a spontaneous trip to Canada […]

The Crescent City: Take Two

They say planning is good. I’m not sure who they are because we rarely do. In cases like ours it’s better to not plan. Remember this? Planning might have helped there. You know, reading up on unmanned train stations and such. But for the second take of the trip to the Crescent City, I’m pretty […]

The Lost Cruise

It hurts to even say this, but I think it’s true. I’ve looked everywhere for them with no luck. I’m powering up the camera I received a couple years ago, because maybe, maybe, they’re there. But I’m not holding my breath. Technology does that to me sometimes. Gives me the opportunity to capture those incredible […]