We Don’t Plan, We Do

Years ago, I’m not exactly sure when, our youngest daughter announced to us “We don’t plan; we do!” Since I can’t remember the context in which this was said, I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that it revolved around us planning a vacation. After last night, I’d bet money on it.

We planned the core foundation of an upcoming trip last December. The amount of planning consisted of choosing a destination and reserving a vacation house to rent (I ❤ me some VRBO). That’s it. Done. Consider vacation planned.

Until now. With the trip in the very near future, we’ve been talking about it a lot. Just random talking about how we “can’t wait to go” and “will it ever get here” and “can you believe we only have x number of days left” kind of conversations. It’s been great. Minus the waiting.

Sidebar: I have a friend whose wife plans every detail of their vacations. She’s very organized. Something about a binder of things she has in preparation and that even the event tickets are purchased ahead of time. I’m clueless about how the whole thing works. But don’t worry, I’m going to interview her and get the details to share with everyone.

So last night, we scheduled a family pow wow to work on planning more of our trip. We got out the whiteboards, fired up the computer and both laptops, and the girls were ready with a dry erase marker (purple will do) and a cell phone. It was go time.

This is my husband’s version of a whiteboard…complete with flight plans



My white board…isn’t it beautiful?

Just so you know, we didn’t get very far very fast. We couldn’t find the website that we’d found on Sunday that had a variety of ticket packages you could purchase for our excursion. When we googled our destination and found an article on the 10 best theme parks in Orlando, the printer had an error and it took us 15 minutes to print the page. When we found one theme park, my husband broke out into song. That he repeatedly sang as I attempted to read out loud about the best theme parks in Orlando.

Our son and daughter fussed over who was going to write on the whiteboard with the precious purple marker. The daughter won. When I assigned the hubby to research a particular theme park while I researched a different one, he got distracted and read the news instead. Instead of properly voting on the theme park destinations, hubby faked snoring when we got to one he deemed boring.

The grocery list the daughter was working on for the trip was continuously interrupted. Every time she asked “Okay, what should we buy”, the rest of us instantly forgot what we liked to eat. She would then list off everything she had on there while everyone else hushed her. The other son going on the trip with us was at work, so we walked away without voting on a couple things. Like which theme parks we want to visit.

After two hours, all we have to show for our work is this:


All this planning & still undecided





All that planning and all I know is 1. The girls get first dibs on choosing a bedroom in the vacation house, 2. We have an idea of what we’ll be eating when we go on vacay, 3. We want to visit theme parks, but are as yet undecided on which ones…4. Alison was here.

Yeah, we don’t plan; we do. Something.


So what about you? Do you plan? Or just do?


3 thoughts on “We Don’t Plan, We Do

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