The Joy of Tent Camping

Have you ever just had a really long day full of physical activity and at the end of it, you just wanted to lie down on your soft bed and float away to dreamland? Only instead of your bed with clean sheets and a cozy comforter, you end up stretched out on the hard ground covered in pine cones and rocks? That’s what we call camping.

Real camping. Not in an RV but in a tent that you had to put up yourself after your hard day of hiking and sight-seeing and cooking your own meal over an open fire. Tent camping. Been there? Those are the trips that keep memories alive for years, even when you can no longer find the old faded photos from them.


RV camping…which is not real camping.


Tent camping is where things happen. Like early morning walks with your favorite person where you take in historical sights.


Historical vehicle




Phone booth…before there were cell phones

Midnight runs to the bathroom with only your flashlight for company as you imagine all the creepy things that could happen to you alone out in the wilderness. Bear attacks. Creepy guys who are out camping in search of pretty women on their midnight trips to the bathroom with only a flashlight for company. Scorpions.

For trying new things…


Interesting bike ride…harder than it looks.

And solving the mystery on how you’re going to get that tent all rolled back up in the carry-on bag that it came in when you purchased it.


How the tent looks in the box.


Do we start here to roll it back up?



Or here?

Tent camping is where you discover what you’re made of when it’s pouring down rain on your flimsy tent and you resist the urge to pack it in and find a hotel room. It’s the place you give respect to famous chefs while you burn yourself trying to build a fire like you were taught in Boy Scouts and later burn your food to a crisp because it’s impossible to control an open fire.

It’s a time for gorgeous sunsets you can hold in your hands.


Catching a sunset

And when you stay at a KOA these days, tent camping is where you stay connected to all your social media friends.


Staying in touch

You don’t have to be an outdoorsman to camp in a tent. If you’re worried you can’t hack it, just pitch your bed sheet in the side yard and follow your kids’ lead. For some of us, we were practically raised in a tent.


Practice tent camping

Whatever you do, don’t go another summer without trying tent camping at least once. Sure, you might get judged by all those folks sleeping in pimped out RVs, but don’t let that bother you. The truth is they’re envious because they don’t have the oomph it takes to tackle a journey like this one. And you do.


The Mercedes version of a tent…




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