The Day Trip

Often when we think of traveling or taking a trip, we plan for a lengthy one. The week-long trip to the mountains or a two week stay at the beach. But what if you only have a day? Not even a whole 24 hours? Where would you go? What would you do? And who would you go with?


Monday was a day trip kind of day for me brought on by the incessant pleas of my daughter who decided there was no better way to spend this holiday than to carpe diem in the form of an impromptu mother/daughter day. Here are several options you might want to consider when coming up with your own day trip…

First, choose a location. Anywhere within 100 miles (or 500 air miles if traveling by plane) are good choices to consider. 100 miles or less means you won’t have to spend too much time on the road, but long enough to enjoy the nuances of a road trip.

SIDE BAR: Nuances of a road trip:

  • Stopping at the gas station for snacks
  • Listening to and singing along to great music on the drive
  • Examining the map (or GPS) for the best sight-seeing opportunities
  • Stopping at the gas station for a bathroom break and more snacks
  • Hearing your kids ask “Are we there yet?”

Second, choose that perfect someone to travel with. It’s important to choose someone who doesn’t get motion sickness, enjoys the nuances of a road trip, and is available. Potential travel partners include:

  • Your partner
  • A child or two (i.e. mother/daughter day)
  • A family member you enjoy spending time with
  • A BFF (girls day!!)
  • Or any combination of the above

Me & my daughter on our day trip

Third, choose activities for the day trip. This can be both fun and trying, especially if you’re trying to fit too many things into your day trip. Examples of activities that are great for day trips include:

  • Going to a zoo or other animal infested location where people above the age of 3 years old are charged a day’s wages to see animals of all kinds

See this curly haired kid? This could be YOU on a day trip to the zoo!





Henry the Pig –petting zoo

  • Spending the day at the beach. Here the cost might only consist of parking fees and you might get to see water animals. Remember: don’t feed the sharks and always bring sunscreen. Skin cancer is not our friend.

SIDE BAR: If you live within 100 miles of a nice beach, I encourage you to consider house hunting while on your day trip so that you can move there. Because. Well. Beaches are awesome.


the beach…so amazing

  • Getting back to nature. This can be any number of places. A state park, a national forest, or even just a really cool park that takes a 100 mile drive to get to. Nature is great so long as you’ve got hiking shoes, enjoy the sounds of nature, and have your allergies under control.

Hiking! Nature! Trees!

  • Being a city mouse for the day. Outlet malls, anyone? Or perhaps you’d like to explore a nearby city’s public transportation, China Town, or the interesting shops located on the square. Taking in a show at the local theatre is also a fun thing to do on a day trip.
  • Make it a spa day. Get the works –mani, pedi, facial. Let your hair down and splurge on that new hair cut you’ve been putting off.

Whatever you do on your day trip, make some good memories. Cherish the laughter, your traveling companion, and the freedom we have to celebrate life. Be sure to take pictures and never forget the joy that comes with seizing the moment and taking a day trip.

*Thank you to all the service men and women who have fought for our country and our freedom. Thank you to the family members who sacrifice time with your loved one who works daily to protect us and our freedom. God bless.*


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