Doing it Durango Style

The way I see it, there are two types of travelers. There’s the planner and the doer. Both are equally excellent travelers, they’re just very different. The first plans the route, the dates, the destination, even the activities that she is going to do on an upcoming trip. The latter…well this type of traveler might plan some things, but mostly she just does. Does whatever catches her fancy when she travels. Maybe she takes the detour or the scenic route or like we did on our last trip, go out of the way to get a cheap deal on a rental van and then piles the family in and drives…

Last year, the travel destination was Colorado, near the Pikes Peak area. A lovely place to visit and one that we’ve been to before. Since we were flying standby and haven’t been on a road trip in ages, we decided to fly into Phoenix, Arizona, rent a big van (much cheaper than renting one in CO) and then drive to Colorado. This is not the car we rented and I don’t think we were in Colorado when we saw it, but wouldn’t it be nice?


In a lovely coincidence, a colleague of mine was also traveling to Colorado during the same week. Her destination: Durango Colorado. She raved about the place and mentioned The Four Corners that we could visit along the way. When she told me about the amazing cupcake shop in Durango, I knew it was a place we had to visit.

After several flight transfers, landing in the sweltering heat of Phoenix, driving and camping for a few days (more about that in a future blog post), we arrived in Durango. A cozy little college town that is absolutely darling.


The visitor’s center is located along the main strip and if you’re looking for fun activities, they have tons of brochures with everything from local shops, zip lining, horseback riding, and white water rafting. If the rafting interests you and you want to get an idea of what that would be like, just head outside. There’s a river right behind the center and folks are always out and about during the season.

white water rafting

white water rafting


Painting pottery is another activity you might enjoy. We tried it out on a whim. A frequent visitor to the Color Me Mine pottery shop, I felt a little guilty for painting pottery somewhere else, but the shop owner was welcoming and sweet. Her shop is cozy, located right downtown, and she’ll ship your items to you if you live outside the area.


One of the great things about Durango is there are so many things to do all within walking distance. I’m not sure how these guys got horses to ride, so that might be an option if you’d like to be a cowboy for a while during your visit.


Some fun things to do include the theater,


a fancy tea shop, and a pizza place that’s a great place to meet friends for lunch. I can’t remember the name of the pizza place we went to, but the name of this one puts a smile on my face and it has 4 stars on yelp. If you’re into shopping, you should try Cowgirls where you can find great jewelry for reasonable prices. I was excited to find this gorgeous, vintage looking onyx necklace/earring set on sale for $30.00.

Isn't this gorgeous?

Isn’t this gorgeous?

We never did make it to the infamous cupcake shop. By the time we remembered that it was the sole reason for venturing to this part of the state we had to turn around and drive about fifteen miles in the opposite direction of our actual destination. (We stop at nothing to get famous cupcakes! -or any cupcakes for that matter…) And when we did get there, it was closed. Apparently they had a major event they were catering that night, so anyone not invited to the event (like us) were not privy to the deliciousness of cupcakes.

The moral of the story? Durango Colorado is a fun place to visit…just be sure you have a reservation at the cupcake place before arriving.


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