The Stay-cation

Sometimes our journeys take us to the most unexpected places. Like our own backyard. Ever been there? Not my backyard, but yours. You know the place where everyone you know can easily find you; where the scenery is familiar and cozy. It’s that place where you don’t have to buy a plane ticket or a bus ticket or rent a car to get there. Unless of course you had traveled somewhere far away and then you needed to get back home. Then, maybe you’d need a plane ticket or bus or whatever to get you back.

But I digress. As summer approaches and folks start planning their summer travels (I can’t wait to share mine with you later!) I know that some might be taking a stay-cation. The kind of trip that’s easy on the pocketbook and you can definitely pack light. Plus, there’s the added bonus of those you know and love nearby. Like down the street or just next door even.

A summer stay-cation allows you the opportunity to explore the bright and sunny side of your hometown after all that winter weather. You can open the windows, throw back the blinds, and venture out for some great activities.

  • The backyard barbeque: This is a fantastic way to kick off a stay-cation. Imagine it, the smell of charcoal or a wood fire pit if that’s more your flavor. Ribs, chicken, or even a simple burger can make your mouth water. And just think of the party atmosphere you can inspire with some great cooking and a simple invite. If you’re looking for a good recipe, I encourage you to check out Cooking with a Wallflower –Andrea always has great recipes!
  • Tent camping: This is an activity you can do with the kids regardless of the weather! If you’ve got great weather already where you live, pitch the family tent in the backyard and sleep under the stars. Your campsite will be close enough to the bathroom and showers, but still give a summer ambiance for exploring and fun. And if it’s pouring down rain, make an indoor tent out of blankets and tell ghost stories around the shine of a flashlight. It’ll take you back to when you were just a kid and make for a fun family activity.
  • Trying something new: Maybe you want to stay close to home, but still want to explore a little. If this describes you, try googling some “fun things to do in ____________”. Then, go try some that you’ve never tried before. A new restaurant, an amusement park, bowling, golfing, hiking a nature trail, or visiting the local zoo or a museum.

Whatever you do, have fun. Take some pictures and maybe invite a friend along for the trip. When you live somewhere for a while you can easily overlook the interesting things that drew you there in the first place. A stay-cation is the perfect way to get reintroduced to the interesting nuances of your hometown. 


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