In the top 3

This year San Francisco was listed in the top twenty-five travel destinations in this CNN article. Not only that, it came in as number three on that list. If you haven’t taken the chance to explore this interesting city, start planning a trip. It’s not to be missed.

If you’re a bit of a country mouse, be prepared that there are a lot of people in San Francisco. It can be busy with the tram, the trollies and the traffic, especially if you travel there during Chinese New Year. With some preparation and guidance though, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful time there.

Chinatown is situated right in the downtown area. It’s full of little shops and ethnic restaurants where the smell of yummy food wafts out at you while you walk along taking in all the sights. It’s a great place for buying souvenirs for you and loved ones back home. They have everything from gorgeous tea sets to paper lamps and cell phone covers to these tiny $1 toys. This one has taken up permanent residence on our kitchen island.





There are plenty of places to choose from when it comes to lodging. VRBO has excellent choices as always in a number of different settings. Other options are also available like Top of the Mark hotel, just a few blocks from Chinatown in Nob Hill. The food there is excellent and the building still has a lot of the original architecture in place, which is lovely but can prove a bit of an issue if you stay there when a conference is being held. For example, the SFWC was hosted there in February of this year and with the influx of people at the hotel, the bathrooms had a lot of long lines.


On the outskirts of town you’ll find things like these delightful establishments out in Protero Way. I recommend the coffee cake at the Chocolate Lab and coffee and people watching just down the street at Piccino’s where you can also pick up fancy dog treats for your four-legged friend or enjoy a delightful dinner in the cafe.

If you’re into architecture, the beach or history, San Francisco has plenty to offer such as dog friendly beaches and the Golden Gate Bridge. There are also opportunities to see the bridge up close and even enjoy a walk on the path created just for that. Alcatraz is a favorite of tourists in the area. If you plan on going, be sure to plan early as the ferries fill up quickly and tours are scheduled intermittently throughout days of operation.


Theatre buffs will want to make a date to go to the A.C.T. You won’t be disappointed by the architecture of the building or the quality of production. If you “a.c.t” fast, you might be able to see The Suit!

Then there’s Pier 39. Imagine for a minute, strolling along holding hands with that special someone or enjoying an afternoon out with family and friends. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, checking out Pier 39 is worth it. You’ll encounter things like the spray paint artists, fun restaurants, a cupcake store and great novelty shops. Like the one that only sells things for left-handed people or the one with all the fun socks. And you don’t want to miss the sea lions!


As you stroll from one shop to the other or stop for lunch, you’ll find lots of others who are also enjoying a relaxing day out on the Pier. Maybe you’ll venture up the piano playing steps and if you’re able, put together a tune. Or spend time eating outside where you can see the parking lot of sailboats and even catch a glimpse of Alcatraz. I recommend the Crab House. The crab enchiladas are fantastic.


When you plan your next vacation, consider San Francisco. There is something for everyone in this lovely city.


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