Maui: Leaving it all behind

It’s our thirteenth wedding anniversary and we decide to go to Maui for the week to celebrate. The plan is to rest, reconnect and leave it all behind for a few days.

The scene at the airport is not what I expected. Television gives the impression that landing in Hawaii is all about sun and beauty and dark skinned women smiling as they put leis around your neck, greeting you with “Aloha”. This did not happen to us.

The airport is a maze of outdoor hallways. There is no air conditioning, only a muggy breeze blowing against our skin. Chickens wander the parking lot where we stand waiting for the rental car we’ve reserved. Chickens. I don’t understand that.

The town itself is not beautiful per se. It looks like any other town with grocery stores and stop lights. There are no leis and no one says “aloha”. I could be anywhere right now in this muggy heat with a semi-cloudy sky overhead. I could be on a farm with chickens.

We eat at a small Mexican restaurant that serves large portions of steaming food. It is delicious. The staff speaks Spanish. I wonder if we got off in the wrong airport. I am tense and anxious and want to get started on leaving it all behind here in this place that in my mind is supposed to be magical.

The condo we’ve rented in nearby Wailuku is charming and the owners have left us a tray with fresh pineapple, wine and cookies. We dress down to beach clothes, gather sunblock and a beach hat for me. The smell of sugar cane and ocean water wafts through the open patio door.


Big Beach is beautiful and quiet. Waves crash against us as we sit near the water digging our feet and hands into the sand. The sun beats down on us.

The first day moves into the next. Minutes tick by at the speed of molasses giving us plenty of time to leave everything behind. We can even go to Little Beach and leave behind our bathing attire if we so choose.


We eat the pineapple, the cookies, sip the wine. Twice we wander over to Beach Bums and eat delicious BBQ. Their baked beans are heavenly. Lahaina becomes our favorite place to drive to. We meander along Front Street holding hands as we look for trinkets and souvenirs in the various shops to take home to our kids.

In the middle of the week we go to Warren & Annabelle’s where we’ve made reservations for a night of food, music and magic. The sound of the water as we walk along the street is peaceful; the setting sun is beautiful. We are not disappointed by either show.


Another day we stop at Hawaii Gelato where I am introduced to the tiramisu flavor. The taste is so creamy and amazing I want to cry. It is my favorite. We stop for shaved ice; my husband’s new go to treat.

On impulse we stop and purchase bath salts from Tub & Scrub Bath Salt Company so that even when we return to our busy life and family at home, we’ll be able to soak in the tub with bath salts that will remind of us the vacation we took, where we left it all behind and had a chance to reconnect and rest.

Just before our week is over we drive over to the Grand Wailea Hotel & Spa where we are treated like royalty and the “romantic interlude for two” was worth every dime we spent on this luxury.


Can you imagine yourself in such a place? The smells, the sounds, the tastes are all exquisite. Imagine taking the love of your life to this quaint destination and then go and for a few days leave behind your stress and work and worries. You won’t be disappointed.


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